Sudan (2020-2024)

A summary of GFMD's role in facilitating coordination meeting for those involved in international media to Sudan.


In light of the ongoing crisis in Sudan, GFMD initiated a series of information-sharing and coordination meetings for media and media development actors inside and outside of the country.

Using the experiences and lessons learned from our Lebanese and Ukrainian coordination efforts, the GFMD Secretariat facilitated four meetings for affected members and partners across the region and created a dedicated coordination group bringing together GFMD members active in Sudan, representatives of the Journalists in Distress network (JiD), the Sudanese Journalists Syndicate, international agencies, including UNESCO and UNHCR, and representatives from a media freedom-focused group consisting of members of the diplomatic community.

In addition, GFMD attended Canal France International - CFI´s Sudan Coordination Conference in Paris in October 2023, where participants expressed interest in GFMD facilitating a scenario planning process, leading to a white paper on support to independent Sudanese journalism and media both inside and outside the country. This proposal has been incorporated into CFI’s coordination meeting in Kampala in April.


In early 2020, a group of media development donors requested that GFMD organise a meeting to discuss the coordination of media development in Sudan.

A meeting was held on 2 April 2020 and a report was shared with all participants after the meeting.

The meeting covered the following subjects:

  • Political situation

  • Political economy and the media sector

  • Legislative agenda

  • Media landscape

  • Needs assessments

  • Media development coordination and mechanisms

  • Mechanisms to bring in local actors

  • Follow-up actions

If you would like to request access to the meeting report, participant lists and background reading, please do so by emailing

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