"Coordinating media assistance & journalism support"

The report presents a set of recommendations for practical steps that could be used to orchestrate future coordination initiatives, including in conflict and emergency situations.

In the context of the process to "Renew the principles for effective media assistance" GFMD IMPACT has produced a report on "Coordinating Media Assistance and Journalism Support Efforts" which analyses the scope and focus of media assistance coordination efforts (in Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine and in a few other cases), highlighting common pitfalls as well as best practice.

How to access the report

The full report (40 pages)

For more information contact the GFMD IMPACT help desk.

The study and methodology

About the report: Coordinating Media Assistance and Journalism Support Efforts, was produced by GFMD IMPACT, in cooperation with the Samir Kassir Foundation’s SKeyes Centre for Media and Cultural Freedom, and with support and in cooperation with the International Media Support (IMS). This study was conducted as part of an effort inviting media development and journalism support organisations, both international and local, to coordinate recovery and assistance efforts in Lebanon.

Methodology: The report is based on desk research and a series of interviews that were conducted in June 2022 with key stakeholders who have participated in coordination groups over the last five years. It was authored by Aida Al-Kaisy and Michael Randall. The findings and recommendations were refined and discussed during a consultation process between September and November 2022.

Consultation process

Sept. 2022 - The draft report was also shared with the GFMD IMPACT Advisory Board and the GFMD Executive Committee.Oct. 3, 2022 - GFMD members were invited to contribute to the process in an email to the members list on 3 October and via the GFMD newsletter on 18 October. It was also been featured on the engagement opportunities section of the GFMD website and in meetings of the GFMD convened Ukraine information-sharing group.Oct. 5, 2022 - At the ACOS Alliance annual meeting in New York Nick Benequista (CIMA) presented the findings and recommendations for discussion during a session on 'Preparing for the next crisis.Oct. 19, 2022 - This meeting brought together participants from the ACOS Alliance meeting to finalise the report's recommendations.

Promoting the report's findings and recommendations

Nov. 21, 2022 - OECD DAC GovNet, Paris.Nov. 23, 2022 - One-day Sahafa Med seminar on "Challenges and perspectives for media support programs" in the North Africa and the Levant as part of the European Journalism Symposium in Brussels.Nov. 24-25, 2022 - UNESCO IPDC council meeting, Paris.

Next steps

Q4 2022 & Q1 2023 - GFMD IMPACT will continue to promote best practices for coordinating media assistance and journalism support efforts through the following multi-stakeholder initiatives:

Q1 2023 - The coordination report will inform national consultations on media viability/sustainability in Lebanon, Tunisia and Namibia organised by GFMD IMPACT and UNESCO will between October 2022 and February 2023.

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